Electronic Cigarette Review :: V2 Cigs

With many brands available V2 is one the top brands available in the market today. The V2 cigarette has an excellent flavor and taste almost like a real cigarette. The vapor is simply amazing and has a hard hit. It has numerous flavors with many accessories, mods and batteries.

Read all about e cigarettes here.  It’ll clear up why V2 is such a top notch product.

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I took this photo of a woman vaping in an airplane.

The price is also good and the quality is high. They have great quality cartridges. The attention to detail in their products is compulsively driven towards satisfying their customers. They have a testing facility and each of their vapor pens are of the highest quality.

Because of their high standards they offer a life time warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. They deliver worldwide and also have reward systems for their preferred customers. The dessert flavors have a nice hit and they taste great, the tobacco blend is perfect and they tweak just the right amount which gives their blend an exclusive flavor. One of the best flavors that I like is cherry, vanilla and congress tobacco blend. You may try their other flavors such as Sahara tobacco blend, peppermint, mint green tea, chocolate and cola

Shift with Comfort

For long time smokers the V2 cigarette is the best option because it is very similar to a real cigarette. All of the tobacco flavors are designed to give the consumer a similar experience to that of a real cigarette. I would recommend starting with the Congress Tobacco; it has a hard flavor and comes in different nicotine strength levels. I also like the cola flavor, it is an uncommon flavor but I really enjoyed the taste and I would recommend it.

The nicotine level starts from 0% and goes up to 2.4% according to the industry standards. The batteries are powerful and you can either have a manual battery or an automatic battery. The range extends to short, long and regular batteries.

The V2 cigarettes has great accessories and sharp options for the medium and heavy smokers, you have choices in colors and accessories such as a portable carrying case. It is an excellent high quality product and is a “must have”.

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Five Things to Consider When Thinking About Botox

Botox is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting Botox injections in specific areas. A Botox procedure is simple and does not have any long term side effects. However, there are certain short term effects that you must keep in mind before going ahead with the surgery.  This information was based on Botox in San Francisco.  If you are in the market for Botox San Francisco, there are many options and price points, which of course could vary from other markets.  So please look around and find your area’s price points – and don’t quote me here verbatim.

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I didn’t personally take this photo, but it’s worth posting anyways!

Moreover, there are certain things that you must keep in mind about Botox injections. These include:

1-     Insurance companies do not cover Botox injections and you will have to pay for them yourself. Thus, you should set aside the money beforehand as the doctor will require you to pay for the procedure once it is performed

2-     There are short term side effects of Botox injections such as swelling, bruising and others. You should therefore have an icepack on hand and apply it on the injected areas after surgery to minimize these side effects. Icing greatly assists in the reduction of swelling and bruising.

3-     You must always research before the surgery to find out what you are getting into, what you should expect and what you shouldn’t. Botox procedures are simple but it goes without saying that research is a pre-requisite for surgery. You should also research on certified doctors that perform the surgery to make sure you get the best treatment. Moreover, there are certain stores that sell Botox injections over the counter and you must always stay away from them as they are unhealthy and non legit. It is also important to take ibuprofen prior to the procedure to reduce the short term effects of the surgery such as soreness and swelling. Some people also report headache after the surgery and thus, over the counter medications such as ibuprofen will be of great help

4-     While Botox injections are easily injected and the process is fairly simple, there are certain precautions that you should keep in mind after surgery. For instance, you should not get involved in strenuous activities after the surgery for at least 24 hours to stop the Botox toxins from spreading elsewhere on the skin. Moreover, you should also make sure not to massage the area where you have received the Botox injection to avoid toxins from spreading from one part to another

5-     Always, always communicate with your doctor before and after the surgery to know about its consequences. Communicate your expectations too so that you don’t get your hopes too high and be disappointed after surgery